Tina Mickelson

TinaMickelsonWebThroughout Tina Mickelson’s life she has had a love for the game of golf. Her passion can be traced back to her early childhood when she and her brother, professional golfer Phil Mickelson, began using golf clubs as soon as they could walk.

Shortly after graduating from the University of San Diego in 1991 with a major in Communications and a minor in Business, Tina opted to go right to work to earn her PGA membership and dedicated her life to helping others improve their golf games and promoting the great game of golf. She has been a teaching professional since 1991 and has been a PGA Class “A” Member since 1994.

Tina is currently the Ambassador for Women’s Golf at The Santaluz Club in San Diego, CA. Her role includes promoting the game of golf to existing members, both experienced players as well as beginners. This is done through giving clinics, playing lessons, rules seminars, and hosting a variety of different specialty events. The goal of the club is to grow and strengthen women’s golf through making golf more available to women and by eliminating the intimidation women feel when they are new to the game. Her personal goal is to accomplish this not just at The Santaluz Club, but in the golf world as a whole.

Tina is currently the spokesperson for Women’s Golf for Callaway Golf and the Golf Ambassador at The Santaluz Club in San Diego, CA. She has also been seen on the Golf Channel, involved with various programs including Golf Channel Academy, Academy Live, Your Game Night, and Drive, Chip, & Putt.

Tina has also worked as an on course commentator for the Golf Channel on the Champions Tour, as well as for CBS Sports covering the LPGA Tour.

In addition to writing columns and teaching golf, Tina has served as editor for Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, “Golf for Enlightenment”. Dr. Chopra wanted to ensure authenticity and credibility so he incorporated her expertise and knowledge of the game.

Tina is also a golf instructor in Dr. Chopra’s program, “Golf for Enlightenment,” and appears in his movie, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” starring Olivia Newton- John, and is based on his bestselling book by the same name. To this day, they work closely together to incorporate the benefits of his life teachings into the game of golf and vice versa.