Tiffany Mester

TiffanyMesterWebMs. Tiffany Mester has dedicated her time and expertise to Hidden Treasures Foundation, a non-profit that works with victims of sex trafficking. Today she will bring to us a message of survival and hope.

Ms. Mester utilizes her personal painful experience of being trafficked herself for two years when she was teenager. She generously brings her knowledge to Hidden Treasures Foundation in order to put victims of human trafficking on the path to becoming a survivors and eventually, thriving human beings.

She has an intimate understanding of the victimization these girls experience and uses her own life story to educate and build public awareness.

Ms. Mester has been a featured speaker in many educational and community awareness events including a recently at Bishop school and on Clear Channel radio programs. Her story is a message of survival and of hope.

Ms. Mester is also a student at San Diego State University and is due to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2015

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