Tanya Brown

About Tanya

Tanya Brown is no stranger to adversity or trauma. Faced with near overwhelming life challenges, Tanya used obstacles in her path to ultimately improve the quality of her life. The death of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994 unleashed a flood of issues for Tanya. Prior to Nicole’s murder, Tanya had lost several other loved ones, and emotional trauma was setting in. In 2004, she suffered a breakdown that actually saved her life. For three months to get back on her feet with tools for managing her emotional well-being. Today, she is a author, a voice for mental WELLness and against domestic violence, a motivational speaker and Life Coach who helps others bounce back from adversity.

Tanya has written two books, her personal memoir Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide and The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can End of which she wrote with Carolyn Inmon, Past President of The Exchange Club of Irvine.

She has been seen on Larry King Live, CNN, AC360, Katie, Dr. Drew and was an exclusive story in PEOPLE Magazine.