Sue Zwinger


Recognized as one of the “Most Powerful and Influential Women of California” by the California Diversity Council, Sue leads Oracle’s Systems Tech Support Center, which is responsible for providing remote support to Oracle’s Server, Storage, and Solaris customers worldwide.

She has received numerous awards for her vision and leadership.

Sue has built, developed, managed and restructured diverse teams, demonstrating a knack for planning, organizing, delegating and driving execution with positive employee morale. This has brought her extensive experience in the areas of business planning, process excellence, technical support, education, software development, legal support, acquisitions and program management.

On her path from engineer to executive, Sue has held a series of leadership positions in Service, Engineering, Quality and Corporate Planning. Her career spans numerous high tech companies, including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Cray Research, Supercomputer Systems Inc., ETA Systems, 3M, and Control Data.

Throughout her career she has outsourced and insourced, offshored and onshored, acquired and been acquired.

Sue holds a B.S. degree in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems (QMIS) from St. Cloud State University, and earned an international assignment at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. She serves on the Board of Directors for San Diego North Chamber of Commerce, and on the CalPoly National Development Council.