Mimi Kirk

MimiKirkWebMimi Kirk is the mother of 4 children and grandmother of seven. She is a former Showgirl, stand-In for Mary Tyler Moore, and designer for Valerie Harper’s wardrobe on Rhoda both 70’s sit-com TV series. Kirk appeared on an original Star Trek and many other feature movies and television shows. Throughout her lifetime Kirk has enjoyed a variety of interesting jobs and careers.

Mimi Kirk gained popularity when she was voted The Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 by PETA. She was 71 at the time. Now at the age of 75 she is a raw food chef, motivational speaker, teacher and health consultant. She has appeared as guest speaker at numerous health events, and been interviewed on national TV shows including CBS The Doctor, NBC, and interviewed by countless newspapers, magazines and online blogs.

Mimi has appeared in three documentaries soon to be released and has inspired millions of viewers who follow her journey on her social networks and YouTube videos. She is the Best Selling Author of LIVE RAW, Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty, LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD, and a third book on juicing to be released fall 2014.

Mimi travels the world sharing her passion on how to live a long healthy life and obtain a holistic healthy way of living.