Mallika Chopra

About Mallika

Mallika Chopra, a media entrepreneur, author, and the founder of, speaks to audiences around the world and has shared her passion about Intent at TedXBerkeley, Business Innovation Factory, Sages & Scientists, and many more events and conferences. Her just released new book is Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy.

As a mom, wife, and social media entrepreneur, Mallika Chopra frequently wondered how she could possibly do one more thing. Like so many, she was taking lousy care of herself and having a difficult time finding richer meaning and purpose, even though, ironically, that was her business' mission. This evening she will draw from her new book, Living with Intent, to describe how she used the remarkable power of daily intentions to propel her transformative journey from stress, fear, doubt, procrastination and guilt into a life of happiness and self-acceptance. She will share a series of easy-to-follow steps we can learn to begin a process of becoming more open, quieting our minds, finding our circle of support, identifying our true purpose in life, and moving effectively toward our goals. Join this engaging, funny and wise teacher as she shares her hard-earned insights into how the setting of daily intentions can help you find your true path in life.