Katie Leclerc

KatieLeclercWebKatie Leclerc currently stars as Daphne Vasquez on the hit ABC Family series “Switched at Birth.”

Originally from Lakewood, Colorado, the youngest of three siblings, Katie got the acting bug when she starred in a local production of “Annie.” When the family moved to San Diego she continued to pursue her desire to perform and began appearing in national commercials for such brands as Pepsi, Cingular, Comcast and GE.

Katie has Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can cause hearing loss and effect balance to a varying degree. She is fluent in American Sign Language to cope with her intermittent hearing loss and has triumphed turning this into a positive by recently becoming the spokesperson for the Purple campaign. She is also heavily involved in the “Be Good To Each Other” bullying prevention campaign by custom designing a t-shirt to raise money to provide awareness and support. She also speaks publicly to the media about her own personal experience with the issue.