Frank Shankwitz

About Frank

Frank, along with his wife Kitty and several others, founded the Make-A-Wish Foundation in November, 1980, with Frank being the first President/CEO. Thirty-three years later, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has grown to include 64 chapters in the United States, 36 International chapters, covering 5 continents, and has granted over 300,000 wishes worldwide, with a wish being granted somewhere in the world on an average of every 38 minutes. ALL BECAUSE OF A BOY NAMED CHRIS WHO WANTED TO BE A HIGHWAY PATROL MOTORCYCLE OFFICER.

Frank has been featured in Professional Performance 360 Magazine, USA Weekend Magazine, The Huffington Post, Arizona-100 Years, Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini’s “What is ‘Right’ With Arizona”, and numerous other publications throughout the World. He has also been featured in numerous television productions, including U.S. Customs Classified, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, New American Thunder, “A Wish of Hope” documentary, John Hersey’s “One Man Who Changed the World”, The Glenn Beck Show, and Fox News “Heroes and Stories”.

Frank’s life story will soon be featured in an upcoming major motion picture, “An American Hero”, which is in pre-production, with filming scheduled to begin in September, 2015.

Frank has been among the featured motivational speakers with Greg Reid’s “Secret Knock”, Loral Langemeier’s “The Millionaire Maker”, Erik Swanson’s “Law of Attraction”, Berny Dohrmann’s “CEO Space” and Bob Donnell’s “Next Level By Association”.