Bonnie Dumanis

BonnieDumanisWebDistrict Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has earned a national reputation as a law enforcement leader and innovator. She is the first woman to serve as District Attorney in San Diego and she has spent her entire career in public service.

Her office has maintained a 94 percent conviction rate while also focusing on crime prevention and victims’ rights.

Bonnie’s leadership has helped tighten restrictions on child molesters and sexually-violent predators. Her office is showing the rest of California how it’s done—with a prisoner reform program that stopping the revolving door to prison.

Bonnie Dumanis began her legal career as clerk-typist, working her way up to hard-hitting prosecutor for 12 years and eventually a Superior Court Judge. While on the bench, she led the way in developing the San Diego’s nationally-recognized Drug Court—bringing all sides together to fight substance abuse in a whole new way. It’s that kind of extraordinary collaboration that Bonnie is known for.