Alicia Gwynn

AliciaGwynnWebDr. Alicia Gwynn, is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, president and CEO of Gwynn
Enterprises a full-service facilities Company, President and CEO for Gwynn Foods, a
catering and retail products company, wife of the late baseball great Hall of Famer Tony
Gwynn, and President of the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation, a philanthropic
organization dedicated to bettering the lives of disadvantaged children. Alicia Gwynn
holds a Ph.D. in Christian Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling with the
emphasis in Marriage and Family along with a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling
while at the present time pursuing her clinical license as a Marriage and Family
counselor. What Dr. Gwynn enjoys most is her calling from the Lord as a licensed ordained
Minister and teacher.

Along with Gwynn Sports, Dr. Gwynn is enjoying the new found success of Gwynn Foods where
she has created her own recipes such as barbeque sauces, mustard relish sauces, flavor
booster and a batter for frying all types of meats. In addition to these fine products,
Dr. Gwynn has perfected her batter on chicken which now retails in the frozen goods
department. Her products are in many retail stores and many food service places.