Meet Strategy Team Member Rosemary Reed-Kessel

Rosemary Reed-Kessel
Commworld of San Diego-North, Inc.

How can women support other women in the workplace? What does your support system look like?

Look for opportunities to showcase other women's achievements.  It can be hard to toot your own horn so to speak so highlight someone else's achievements when you can.  I have a few ladies in my support system to remind me all that I am capable of, and push me out of my comfort zone to help me achieve my potential.

What is your biggest fear?


Why do you support women in business?

I was fortunate to have women support me at key times in my career. Without them, I wouldn't have had some of the opportunities I've had.  We need more women in positions of power so they can demonstrate the value women bring to the workplace and leadership positions.

What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself?

I prioritize my physical health and mental health by walking, exercising, and doing yoga and meditation each morning. I don't get to do all of that every morning but I do what I can each day and it sets the tone by starting the day in a strategic manner.

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