San Diego Women's Week offers businesses, community organizations, and service providers an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience of professionals from around the region. Over 900 attendees are given an incentive to visit exhibit tables at the Leadership Conference both in-person and virtually, ensuring greater visibility for your products and services at this fantastic event.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to make profitable new business contacts, educate decision-makers, and fulfill entrepreneurial outreach, diversity, and recruitment programs.

Women's Leadership

North San Diego Business Chamber members can receive their discount code by logging in or emailing Hannah.

Friday, March 1, 2024


Leadership Exhibit


  • One 6' Exhibit Table and Chair
  • Virtual Exhibit - visible to attendees from day of set up to 3 months after event
  • One Leadership Pass* (see details)
  • Easy Lead Generation

*Additional table reps will each need their own ticket to enter the event. Tickets cannot be shared. Buy here

Registration: (Closes 2/16)

  • Members: $475
  • Non-Members: $775

Virtual Exhibit


  • Virtual Exhibit - visible to attendees from day of set up to 3 months after event
  • One Virtual Pass* (see details)
  • Easy Lead Generation

Registration: (closes 2/23)

  • Members: $225
  • Non-Members: $525

Virtual Exhibit Details

Engage attendees with livestreams and videos

By clicking on exhibitor profiles, attendees can explore each virtual booth for an overview of the company, viewing their videos, attending the livestreams, reading description, contact information, and accessing any promotional offers. Once the livestreams and videos are set up, they will also be shown as a special topic in the community board to attract more attention.

Exhibitors can upload videos and livestreams from both the web and mobile apps, and even set the videos to autoplay the moment attendees enter their virtual booths. Incorporating these videos allows exhibitors to engage with attendees right away, showcasing their company and speaking openly with attendees viewing their livestreams, as they would be able to at an in-person conference.


Access the Virtual Exhibitor Booths from both the web and mobile app!

Don’t feel like staring at a cellphone screen all day? While mobile resources worked well for in-person conferences, the Virtual Exhibitor Booths is now also available through the web app to make each exhibit as accessible as possible. Whether they’re on the go or at home, exhibitors and attendees alike can access all the benefits of the Virtual Exhibitor Booths from either platform.


Easily gather leads with coupons, giveaways, raffles, or simply “like”

The Virtual Exhibitor Booths can open the door to gathering leads and making connections as easy as in-person events. For instance, exhibitors can feature different promotional offers through their profile, such as raffles, giveaways, or coupons, and when attendees choose to enter, they are recorded as leads for the exhibitor. They will also be recorded if they click “like” to the exhibitor. Exhibitors can then export the compiled leads through Whova.


Interact with attendees easily through the exhibitors’ chatbox

If an attendee prefers reaching out through text, each exhibitor profile features a chat function where attendees can get in contact with exhibitors. This provides a straightforward way for attendees to ask any questions about the product, and for exhibitors to conveniently assist multiple attendees and gather leads through a digital format.