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2022 Past Speakers

2023 Speakers To Be Announced

Zoe Chance

INFLUENCE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen

You were born influential, a natural at persuading others to take care of you. But then you were taught to suppress that power, follow the rules, wait your turn, and not make waves. But influence is the secret sauce that brings great ideas to life and makes people want to say yes to you. Used intelligently, it's like a superpower that can make good things happen. And Zoe will help you develop that power. And she'll show you how to effect change that's meaningful, durable, and contagious.

And you’ll learn:

  • What mistakes you’ve been making that cause you to be less influential
  • The most powerful influence on behavior (hint: it has nothing to do with persuasion)

Deborah Dugan

Don't Leave Your Values at the Door! Bring Your Passion and Purpose to Work

As the world is forced to reimagine the face of female leadership, women need to know and stand up for what they believe in. What are the qualities of leadership in 2022 that enable women to thrive in the workplace?

It's time to take stock of your own worth and courageously compose your best life. In the workplace that could mean more respect, or more time off, or more pay.

It will take strong women to solve some of the most difficult problems facing the world today. Your perspective, values, and impact are needed--don't leave them at the door!!!

Liz Goodgold

How to Futureproof your Personal Brand and Career

We hear about change every day: companies pivoting to new markets, organizations embracing a new name, and firms morphing their focus. Yet, how do we as executives, employees, and entrepreneurs revitalize our personal brands in order to remain relevant?

Join branding expert Liz Goodgold in an energetic and interactive session where she shares tactics for futureproofing your brand and career.

Discover how to:

  1. Balance your authentic self as you modernize your brand
  2. Kick to the curb the cliché of “life-long learner” and instead add teeth to the principle.
  3. Differentiate between knowing and mastering new technology
  4. Conduct a brand audit to identify how you see yourself versus how others perceive you.
  5. Ask the one question that advances your wisdom and reputation

Brand out and stand out even if you’re an introvert.

Arlan Hamilton

It's About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated into Your Greatest Advantage

At the core of Hamilton’s message is that, despite what society would have you believe, a privileged background, an influential network, and a fancy college degree are not prerequisites for success. And yet, she argues, the self-made narrative is also a myth. Instead, the secret to success is in harnessing the unique voice, vision, and community you already have, and writing your own invitations. Hard work and grit must be infused with authenticity, curiosity, and empathy if you’re going to make it anywhere.

IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME is for anyone who has felt boxed in by other people’s expectations, anyone who has been told they are “too much of a risk” or that they “don’t have what it takes.” Arlan Hamilton shows us how to turn our perceived weaknesses into our greatest strengths and write our own invitations. It’s about damn time.

Ugochi Iwuaba

Using Failure to Fire Up Your Success!

Ugochi Iwuaba is a fearless woman who pushes boundaries within herself, her culture, and the fashion industry. Her motto is  “If you empower a woman, you can empower a whole village.”

Ugochi will tell everyone she knows, "Failure is not an option". Achieving success can often come from failure, which Ugochi will share with us. Have you hit hurdles in your journey and felt like quitting? Ugochi will share how she turned failure into success and instead of quitting she used her determination and drive to go after what she really wanted in life. Ugochi pursued her dream and became a successful fashion designer recognized on the red carpet at the Prestigious Met Gala and aligned with major brands.

District Attorney Summer Stephan

Empowering Ourselves to STOP The Predators!

Protecting yourself, children, and colleagues from falling victim to abuse and exploitation is more important than ever. With the internet being used more for remote work and school, it has expanded the reach of predators and scammers.

Women and girls remain today disproportionately targeted for rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, romance scams, and more. The internet has helped predators and scammers to reach into every home where a child or adult has a phone or laptop expanding their access to every socioeconomic region.

District Attorney Summer Stephan will share with us the best way to protect ourselves and others with knowledge on how to minimize the risk of becoming a victim in the first place. It is also important to know how to help yourself or someone you care about to get out of a harmful situation safely. We need to know the red flags to avoid getting trapped but we also need to purposefully grow a generation of boys and men who value healthy relationships.

Vanessa Van Edwards

CUES: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication

If you've ever been interrupted in meetings, overwhelmed in presentations, or even felt awkward during interactions, it’s not you, it's your cues. Van Edwards provides actionable, masterable frameworks that can help introverts be heard without being loud. Learning how to utilize cues is critical to showcasing one’s talents, ideas, and skills with confidence. Being able to quickly and accurately read emotions gives people an incredible advantage in the workplace. Attendees can better predict behavior, spot hidden feelings, and get their ideas across more clearly.

  • Which body language cues can instantly increase trust and charisma
  • Which vocal cues make you sound more confident in video calls and on the phone
  • Which verbal cues to use in your résumé, branding, and emails to increase trust (and generate excitement about interacting with you.)
  • Which visual cues you are sending in your profile pictures, clothing, and professional brand.

Strengthen your communication skills and never be overlooked, underestimated, or misunderstood again.

2022 Panel Discussions

How Adaptable Are You to Change?

When change happens, it is often out of our control, but how we react is in our control. Whether a change is perceived as positive or negative, it always takes adjustment. This panel will discuss strategies for learning to successfully pivot and be adaptable to change in this unpredictable world.

Moderator - Sarah Hassaine
Global Director of Diversity

Dr. Angie Neison
Family & Culinary Medicine Physician
Sharp Rees-Stealy

Crystal Page
Chief of Staff
SD County D3 Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer

Brittany Syz
Director of Environmental Services & Sustainability
San Diego Gas & Electric

How to Own the Room - Elevating Your Voice

As women, we deserve a seat at the table and often do not go for it. Standing tall and controlling the room’s attention takes practice for most, if not all. This panel will share strategies on how to own the room by elevating your voice.

Moderator - Pooja Joshi
Director, Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Colleen Mitchell
Director, Diversity Equity Inclusion

Sumi Shrishrimal
Chief Risk Officer

Anasuya Strasner
Group Vice President
Oracle North America Cloud: Customer Experience

Koree Wooley
Labor & Employment Associate
Jones Day

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