Empowering Women by Giving Back

Roll up your sleeves and get into cleaning mode—it’s time to organize your closet!

“Oh no not that,” you say. “I hate walking into my closet, it’s such a mess!” Well, join the club—many women feel that way.

When I work with people at 48 Pieces (part of SimplyTwo Design), I help them get past any anxiety about their organizations skills, feel fabulous in their body, and remember how fun dressing up can be. And believe it or not, coming clean and tidying up can also be about giving back.

professional-womenThis year at Women’s Week, we are working with several non-profit organizations that help women get back on their feet.

Many of these women are either entering or re-entering the work force and need a little help dressing the part, so I challenge you to do a 5-minute overview of your closet and see what professional wear no longer serves you. Get it dry-cleaned and ready to pass on, then bring it to Opening Day on Monday, March 14, and you will directly help a battered woman regain her independence.

In assisting women in finding their special style and to work with dynamic pieces to create several looks for day and evening, I encourage them to organize and clean out their closet. And guess what? Hidden in the dark corners of these closets are items of clothing that don’t fit anymore—or duplicated several times over: maybe having 5 navy blazers is just too much?!


Women’s Week is accepting women’s professional, interview-ready clothing and complete outfits. All donated clothes must be dry-cleaned, ready to wear and on a hanger.

Donations will be accepted on Opening Day, Monday, March, 14 at California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

Please no shoes or accessories. Scarves are fine if they are part of a complete outfit.

Clothing items will NOT be resold—they will be given directly to women in need, from the following organizations:

  • Break The Silence, assisting victims of domestic violence
  • Rachel’s House, operated by Catholic Charities, assisting battered/abused women trying to get back on their feet)
  • The Rosie Network, which provides education and entrepreneurial assistance to military spouses

Your donations are tax-deductible. Thank you all in advance for your support in assisting women see their potential and re-enter the workforce.

Olga Singer
Designer / Dress Agent
SimplyTwo, Design & Style Made Simple
Poway, CA
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