Meet Your Strategy Team Member Evan Toma

Evan Toma Financial Advisor Prudential Advisors What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?  It’s tempting to take the first job offered to you. Before accepting any job, make a list of things you value in a company/business to avoid jumping around from firm to firm later, especially if the move is lateral. Stay patient […]

Meet Strategy Team Member Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson Employee Benefits Advisor Benefit Pro What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? How have you overcome it? I believe the most significant barrier to female leadership is gender stereotyping that exists in our society.  Although we are moving in a positive direction with more women taking on leadership […]

Women and Leadership

By Oluwatoyin Embassey, Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Assistant at Alliant International University and Women’s Week Strategy Team Member  ________________________ Women have been leading for years at home, in the community, and in the workplace. Women learned to be great at multitasking, solving problems, managing resources, and collaborating early. However, women’s natural ability to lead is […]

Know How to Bring out Introverts’ Great Ideas?

By Zoe Chance, San Diego Women’s Week Speaker ________________________ Influence Insights (Infrequently)  After a brainstorming session with the rest of our marketing team, my new boss told me, “With your background, I had assumed you were a creative person. But l guess I was wrong.” My cheeks burned. I had been performing, publishing, painting, getting […]

Why Does Purpose Matter? And How to Define It

By Maria Ross, Founder, Speaker, Author, Brand Strategist, and Sherry Macias, Tech Marketing Specialist and Women’s Week Strategy Team Member  ________________________ When was the last time you eagerly dived into a task you didn’t connect with, believe in, or understand?  If I told you to spend hours creating a complex spreadsheet but never told you […]

Meet Strategy Team Member Knight Campbell

Knight Campbell CEO Cairn Leadership Strategies What advice would you give someone starting their career and wanting to move into leadership? Leadership is a journey, so approach it as an adventure. You’ll never have all the answers, but if you put your people first and work hard to learn along the way you’ll find a […]

Against All Odds

The below stories are amazing in their own respective rights, and demonstrate the power of the human spirit and the individual spirit to navigate life despite the challenges that come our way. The persistence and courage demonstrated by these individuals is being shared with us to encourage everyone to persevere in the face of adversity. While everyone […]

A Message from Kim Coles: Who You Are is Enough

Kim Coles will speak at the Inspiration Conference on March 14 at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. Denise Visconti of Women’s Week Partner Littler Mendelson, shares this spotlight: Kim Coles is an actress, comedienne, author, playwright and television personality who is best known for appearing in the television shows Living Single, The Geena Davis Show, and In Living Color, […]

Inspired by: Janet Beronio

Janet Beronio We asked Janet Beronio, how she got started in her industry, what her big achievements have been, advice she has on how women can take the lead in a male corporate world, advice for women interested in climbing the corporate ladder and how she defines happiness. Scroll down for the full interview. Who is […]