Monday Speakers

Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown - Finding Peace Amid the Chaos

Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, understands that women face adversity on a daily basis. She will share with us the Tanya formula for managing stress and facing adversity as we navigate through life. Tanya will encourage you to look at the way you manage life and decrease stress. In this powerful presentation Tanya shares key strategies including managing time effectively, identifying triggers, embracing an attitude of gratitude, conquering stress, living authentically and more. Once you put one, two, five or all twelve to work in your daily life, you will see and feel the decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Managing your life and self-care are critical and essential when coping with daily life adversities. Make the choice to be the person you want to be!

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Liz Goodgold - Communicating with Confidence & Competence

Branding Speaker, Author & Coach
RedFire Branding

9 Secrets to Getting The Respect, Rewards, & Recognition You Deserve

Many women know that they need to speak up to be heard, but were never taught how to create a strong personal brand, presence, and voice…until now. Combining branding, speaking, and presence, this presentation will help women project confidence and competence. Most importantly, it arms females with success tools that work throughout their entire career.

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Liz Goodgold
Tristan Higgins

Tristan Higgins - Breaking Barriers: Lessons Learned While Instituting Meaningful Change

Tristan has been working on breaking through barriers her whole life and about 6 years ago began writing a blog about that journey. She will share her journey and how she overcame adversity to get where she is today. Tristan will empower and inspire women to lead change within their own lives and organizations based on biases and different cultures. About Tristan

Mimi Kirk - Yes You Can Live a Long Healthy Exciting Life

At the age of 78, Mimi Kirk keeps up a very energetic schedule. She is a visionary and advocate for health and longevity. As an internationally respected speaker, certified raw food plant-based chef, health and life coach, she is devoted to teaching women and men how to experience vibrant health and happiness through diet and transformational thinking. Her outlook, mindset and natural approach about what it means to grow older and slow down the aging process have inspired many. 

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Mimi Kirk
Diane Lofgren Margaret Bhola

Diane Lofgren & Margaret Bhola - The Power of Female Friendships

Authors, Women I Want to Grow Old With

Female friendship is a key to good health and a longer, fulfilling life. We are all busy, but women invest in their finances, family, health, and careers; it's time to apply that same intentionality to friendships!

Topics Include:

  • How female friendships improve a woman's health, reduce stress, and decrease dementia
  • Who a friend is and isn't - how to build your friendship circle
  • What to do with friends to mix it up and increase joy

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Deirdre Maloney - Bogus Balance

Author & Speaker

Chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate, and it may have you feeling stressed out. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed. You may wonder why work/life balance is so elusive to you.

Take heart. The problem isn’t that you can’t achieve work/life balance. It’s that nobody can.

The good news? REAL balance – and the happiness that comes with it – are not just possible. They’re within your grasp right now. Deirdre Maloney will use her personal brand of “mild audacity” to tell you how to get them.

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Deirdre Maloney
Pat Reno

Pat Reno - Time to Tackle the Last Taboo: Talking About and Taking Charge of our Money

Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth Management

Increasingly, women are finding a sense of empowerment and financial security of their own making. But even with a growing sense of financial comfort, women still have key financial questions to be answered depending on their stage of life, goals and priorities.  What happens when you don’t look at your personal financial situation?  What happens when you depend on others to make your decisions about money?  It’s time to start the conversation and talk about your money and your future.  

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Wednesday Speakers

Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway - Out Came the Sun

Actress & Author

Renaissance woman Mariel Hemingway is not only an iconic Academy Award nominated actor from a celebrated family, she is a prolific author, adventurist, eco activist, healthy lifestyle and mental health advocate, a yoga video star, an entrepreneur and a much sought after speaker focused on mind-body-spirit optimization and purposeful living.

In a high-tech world, Mariel is considered an expert in high-touch solutions that facilitate the greatest sense of personal power, life balance, joy, fitness, authenticity and peace of mind. She’s both a devoted teacher and student in this holistic concentration.

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Captain Corrie Mays - Dare to Dream

Blue Angel #8
United States Marine Corps

For the first time in Blue Angels history, two female Marine Corps officers were selected to serve on the Blue Angels team at the same time. Corrie was selected to serve the United States Navy Blue Angels in July 2014 and joined the team in September 2014 as Blue Angel #8, where she served as the Events Coordinator and Squadron Naval Flight Officer.   Speaker Bio


Corrie Mays
Wende Crowley

Wende Crowley - Dare to Dream

Senior Vice President of Film & TV
Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Wende Crowley is the Senior Vice President of Film & TV at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Crowley and her team are responsible for placing & licensing music in film, television and video games. When Crowley was in college, her friends told her that putting songs in movies and television shows wasn’t a job. She’s glad they were wrong. Wendy will share with you how she took a dream and dared to make it happen.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing, controls over 3 million copyrights by such artists as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga. She has music supervised numerous films and television shows including, “Easy A”, “Friends With Benefits”, “Fired Up,” “Freaks And Geeks”, “Arrested Development” and “Cold Case.”



Thursday Speakers

Dr. Rakhi Khatri

Dr. Rakhi Khatri - The A, B, Zzzz's of Sleep

Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Rakhi Khatri is an Internal Medicine physician at Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo where she also specializes in preventive medicine. Upon receiving her medical degree from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (Indore, India) she did her residency and internship at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. She decided to become a physician because of her love of science and the challenge of medicine. She believes complete physical, mental and emotional health is quintessential to living a full life. When not caring for her patients, she enjoys swimming, yoga, reading and spending time with family and friends. Speaker Website


Melissa Murray - Making a Great First Impression

Image Consultant

Melissa is an image architect and style expert. She offers practical guidance to high achievers designed to strengthen their image, presence, style, influence, and most importantly their confidence in high stakes situations. Her clients can be seen on local and national media outlets. Melissa has also provided presentation and image consulting for physician and executive leaders of Sharp HealthCare. Speaker Website


Melissa Murray
Christina Ramsden

Christina Ramsden - Radiant Skin

Dermatology Physician Assistant

Christina is a board certified physician assistant in Dermatology. She specializes in general and surgical dermatology. Christina received her Masters of Physician Assistant Sciences at Samuel Merritt University. “I perform new patient intake, histories and physical exams, order diagnostic tests, formulate effective treatment plans and provide appropriate follow-up care. In every interaction I strive to provide compassionate, patient-centered care.”

Dr. Pany Robinson - Top Three Health Tips for Every Age

Family Medicine Doctor

Dr. Robinson is a Family Medicine doctor at Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo. Dr. Robinson received her medical degree from the University of California, Irvine and completed both her internship and residency at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

Her passion for people and education led her to become a physician. Dr. Robinson strives to give her patients the tools they need to make their own, informed health care decisions. Her philosophy is to care for her patients as she would her family and to create a partnership that allows her to effectively educate and treat her patients. Dr. Robinson lives in the community she serves with her husband and her pre-school daughter and toddler son. Speaker Website


Dr. Pany Robinson
Kaitlin Sandeno

Kaitlin Sandeno - Making a Happiness Splash

Olympic Gold Medalist

Olympic gold medalist sharing her silver lining. Kaitlin brings to life her Olympic journey through humor, sincerity, energy and charisma. The highs and lows and everything in between and the obstacles she had to over-come to achieve her goals. A true story about never ever giving up.

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Friday Speakers

Scout Bassett

Scout Bassett - Overcoming Challenges

U.S. Paralympic track sprinter and jumper
Scout is a competitive U.S. Paralympic track sprinter, jumper, and passionate spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. She is a 3x US Champion in the 100m sprint, 100m and 200m American Record holder, 400m World Record holder, and a serious contender for the 2016 Paralympic Games.

When Scout was only an infant, a fire took away her right leg from above the knee down. Shortly after this incident, she was found as an abandoned infant on the streets of Nanjing, China and taken to the government orphanage. Inside these isolating walls, she lived in extremely harsh conditions and endured several heart-wrenching years of trauma and anguish. Read More


Kim Coles - Don't Let Your Past Define You

Actress, Comedienne, Author, Playwright

Best known for her five-season turn as the unforgettable “Synclaire” on FOX’s ground-breaking comedy series, Living Single, KIM COLES has starred in numerous hit television programs including Frasier, Six Feet Under, In Living Color, One on One and the uproarious TBS comedy series 10 Items Or Less. She was the co-host of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show, In the Loop with iVillage and has been a guest co-host for various shows, including The View and Good Day Live. She was the host of BET’s My Black is Beautiful, a show that was part of a national initiative sponsored by Proctor & Gamble celebrating the diverse, collective beauty of African-American women. Read More


Kim Coles

Elliot Kotek

Elliot Kotek - Not Impossible

Co-Founder and Content Chief
Not Impossible

Elliot Kotek is the CEO and founder of The Nation of Artists, the founding editor of Beyond Cinema and co-founded Not Impossible. He believes in the power of content and campaigns to change the world and is the key creative in building collaborative teams around ideas that deliver real impact to real people in real need.

In a world where people are preaching the 3 P's of People, Planet, Profit, Elliot goes one further with his 4 P Strategy: When you find something you're Passionate about, it will define your Purpose. When you share your purpose, you'll find your People. And when you have your people, anything is Possible. Read More


Sallie Krawcheck - Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Co-Founder and CEO

So much advice for women talks about how to succeed in the static business world of yesterday and today. But that world is rapidly changing, and these changes are empowering women in unprecedented ways. Because in the increasingly complex, connected, and technology-driven world of tomorrow where communication and collaboration rule the day  the skills and qualities needed for success are ones that women inherently possess: in spades.

Hear Krawcheck draw on her experiences at the highest levels of business, both as one of the lone women at the top rungs of the biggest boys club in the world, and as an entrepreneur, to show how women can tap into these skills – and their enormous economic power – to elevate their careers: everything from getting the raise, to new takes on networking and mentoring, to navigating career breaks and curveballs and forging non-traditional career paths, to how to initiate the “courageous conversations” about true flexibility and diversity in the workplace. We can have a more significant role than ever in shaping our companies – and building new companies – into places we want to work.

Speaker Website


Sallie Krawcheck

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin - Nobody's Perfect: Achieving Inclusion, Diversity, and Access

Academy Award Winning Actress & Activist

Though Matlin lost her hearing when she was only 18 months old, she never let her challenges dictate her future or deter her dreams. Matlin boldly challenges audiences to advocate inclusion, acceptance, and access for all people and to endeavor to live a life without judgment of others—everybody’s different, and nobody’s perfect. Listeners come away informed and empowered to make a difference in the world, with the knowledge that they can start in just one person’s life.

Matlin received worldwide critical acclaim for her film debut in Paramount Pictures' Children of a Lesser God. At 21, she became the youngest recipient of the Best Actress Oscar and only one of four actresses to receive the honor for her film debut. Marlee broke barriers once again when she starred on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and in 2015, she returned to the stage after a 30 year hiatus and made her Broadway debut in the revival of the Tony Award winning musical, Spring AwakeningSpeaker Website


Shiza Shahid - All the Good We Can Do

Malala Fund and NOW Ventures

How can each of us can catalyze positive change? Today's interconnected world offers unprecedented opportunities to end poverty, empower women, fight climate change, and take on the world's greatest challenges. Shiza Shahid, co-founder of Malala Fund and NOW Ventures  shares how can we apply our talents, passions, networks to creating a better future. More About Shiza


Shiza Shahid

Panel - Is it Really a Man's World

This panel of Executive Men will discuss emotions, commitment, support and mentorship in the work place. They will talk candidly about the impact of these four areas with respect to women growing in their careers and leading in the workplace. 

Darrell Pilant

Darrell Pilant - Moderator

Senior Vice President & General Manager
Harrah's Resort Southern California

Darrell Pilant oversees all operations for Harrah’s Resort Southern California. Pilant brings 19 years of experience with Caesars Entertainment at multiple locations to his current role.

Tim Durie

Tim Durie

Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
Newland Real Estate Group

 Tim advises the company on effective Human Capital strategies related to organization structure, organizational and team member performance, and the attraction, development and retention of Newland team members. 

Richard Marks

Richard Marks

RDM Management Group

Richard is the Owner of RDM Management Group, a professional sales consulting company which focuses on the Customer’s Experience and Professional Development. The core of Richard’s practice is based on four (4) key principles: Self Confidence, Self-Discipline, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivation. 

Jeremy Roth

Jeremy Roth

Co-President and Managing Director
Littler Mendelson

Jeremy oversees the management and operations of Littler’s more than 1,200 attorneys. He has been instrumental in expanding and reinforcing the firm’s steadfast commitment to creating a culture of belonging. The firm has been recognized for its diverse workplace, including top spots on the Women in Law Empowerment Forum and Working Mother Magazine Best Law Firms for Women.

Robert Schoenhaus

Robert Schoenhaus

Director of Pharmacy Benefits Administration
Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical

Robert Schoenhaus, PharmD, is Director of Pharmacy Benefits Administration at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers. Robert also serves as Director of Healthcare Economics for Parity Computing™, is the co-founder of the Applied Pharmacoeconomics Forum at UC San Diego, and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at five separate pharmacy schools.  

Panel - Leading in the New Normal of Uncertainty and Chaos

This diverse panel of executive women will talk about why women have to work harder than men to get ahead, philosophies that have served them well, burnout and touting your greatest achievements without being considered self-centered. 

Sandra Maas

Sandra Maas - Moderator


Sandra Maas has been informing and entertaining television and radio audiences for more than 30 years.  An award-winning journalist with more than a dozen Emmy nominations, she is currently the primetime co-anchor of the KUSI News 

Kristin Gaspar

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar

County Supervisor, District 3
County of San Diego

Supervisor Gaspar is Vice Chairwoman of the SD County Board of Supervisors. She is the youngest woman ever elected to the Board. Prior to becoming a Supervisor, Gaspar was an Encinitas City Council Member and went on to become the city’s first elected Mayor. As Supervisor, she is focused on reducing homelessness, enhancing public safety and improving our streets, infrastructure and neighborhoods.

Sharoni Denise Little

Sharoni Denise Little

Associate Professor
USC Marshall School of Business

As an author and renowned scholar, Sharoni speaks domestically and internationally on leadership, equity and empowerment, and strategic organizational management.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller

Director, Global Product Security

Susan is Director of Software Engineering in the Global Product Security division of Oracle. She has taken an active role in leadership development and mentoring and currently leads the Southern California region for Oracle's Women's Leadership.

Michelle Pagni

Michelle Pagni

Executive Vice President, HR
San Diego County Credit Union

Michelle has a demonstrated track record of collaboration and commitment and is responsible for developing and directing human resource policies and programs at SDCCU. She oversees organizational planning, training, employment, compensation, benefits, facilities and construction, safety and health and employee services.