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Help Local Women

To help all women find their life balance, Sharp Rees-Stealy will be accepting donations of gently used business attire. All donations will go to the Women’s Resource Center which for over 40 years has been dedicated to supporting the women of North San Diego County.  Please bring your items to our Opening Day event or the Finding Your Life Balance event on Thursday, March 23 at Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo.

Speaker Schedule

Times subject to change

1:00 pm

Diane Lofgren & Margaret Bhola - The Power of Female Friendships

Authors, Women I Want to Grow Old With

Female friendship is a key to good health and a longer, fulfilling life. We are all busy, but women invest in their finances, family, health, and careers; it's time to apply that same intentionality to friendships!

Topics Include:

  • How female friendships improve a woman's health, reduce stress, and decrease dementia
  • Who a friend is and isn't - how to build your friendship circle
  • What to do with friends to mix it up and increase joy

Speaker Website

Diane Lofgren Margaret Bhola

1:50 pm

Mimi Kirk - Yes You Can Live a Long Healthy Exciting Life

At the age of 78, Mimi Kirk keeps up a very energetic schedule. She is a visionary and advocate for health and longevity. As an internationally respected speaker, certified raw food plant-based chef, health and life coach, she is devoted to teaching women and men how to experience vibrant health and happiness through diet and transformational thinking. Her outlook, mindset and natural approach about what it means to grow older and slow down the aging process have inspired many. 

Speaker Website

Mimi Kirk

2:40 pm

Tristan Higgins - Breaking Barriers: Lessons Learned While Instituting Meaningful Change

Tristan has been working on breaking through barriers her whole life and about 6 years ago began writing a blog about that journey. She will share her journey and how she overcame adversity to get where she is today. Tristan will empower and inspire women to lead change within their own lives and organizations based on biases and different cultures. About Tristan

Tristan Higgins

3:30 pm

Deirdre Maloney - Bogus Balance

Author & Speaker

Chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate, and it may have you feeling stressed out. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed. You may wonder why work/life balance is so elusive to you.

Take heart. The problem isn’t that you can’t achieve work/life balance. It’s that nobody can.

The good news? REAL balance – and the happiness that comes with it – are not just possible. They’re within your grasp right now. Deirdre Maloney will use her personal brand of “mild audacity” to tell you how to get them.

Speaker Website

Deirdre Maloney

4:20 pm

Liz Goodgold - Communicating with Confidence & Competence

Branding Speaker, Author & Coach
RedFire Branding

9 Secrets to Getting The Respect, Rewards, & Recognition You Deserve

Many women know that they need to speak up to be heard, but were never taught how to create a strong personal brand, presence, and voice…until now. Combining branding, speaking, and presence, this presentation will help women project confidence and competence. Most importantly, it arms females with success tools that work throughout their entire career.

Speaker Website


Liz Goodgold

5:10 pm

Pat Reno - Time to Tackle the Last Taboo: Talking About and Taking Charge of our Money

Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth Management

Increasingly, women are finding a sense of empowerment and financial security of their own making. But even with a growing sense of financial comfort, women still have key financial questions to be answered depending on their stage of life, goals and priorities.  What happens when you don’t look at your personal financial situation?  What happens when you depend on others to make your decisions about money?  It’s time to start the conversation and talk about your money and your future.  

Pat's Bio


Pat Reno

6:00 pm

Tanya Brown - Finding Peace Amid the Chaos

Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, understands that women face adversity on a daily basis. She will share with us the Tanya formula for managing stress and facing adversity as we navigate through life. Tanya will encourage you to look at the way you manage life and decrease stress. In this powerful presentation Tanya shares key strategies including managing time effectively, identifying triggers, embracing an attitude of gratitude, conquering stress, living authentically and more. Once you put one, two, five or all twelve to work in your daily life, you will see and feel the decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Managing your life and self-care are critical and essential when coping with daily life adversities. Make the choice to be the person you want to be!

Speaker Website

Tanya Brown