Wednesday, March 22 | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway - Out Came the Sun

Actress & Author

Renaissance woman Mariel Hemingway is not only an iconic Academy Award nominated actor from a celebrated family, she is a prolific author, adventurist, eco activist, healthy lifestyle and mental health advocate, a yoga video star, an entrepreneur and a much sought after speaker focused on mind-body-spirit optimization and purposeful living.

In a high-tech world, Mariel is considered an expert in high-touch solutions that facilitate the greatest sense of personal power, life balance, joy, fitness, authenticity and peace of mind. She’s both a devoted teacher and student in this holistic concentration.

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Captain Corrie Mays - Dare to Dream

Blue Angel #8
United States Marine Corps

For the first time in Blue Angels history, two female Marine Corps officers were selected to serve on the Blue Angels team at the same time. Corrie was selected to serve the United States Navy Blue Angels in July 2014 and joined the team in September 2014 as Blue Angel #8, where she served as the Events Coordinator and Squadron Naval Flight Officer.   Speaker Bio


Corrie Mays
Wende Crowley

Wende Crowley - Dare to Dream

Senior Vice President of Film & TV
Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Wende Crowley is the Senior Vice President of Film & TV at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Crowley and her team are responsible for placing & licensing music in film, television and video games. When Crowley was in college, her friends told her that putting songs in movies and television shows wasn’t a job. She’s glad they were wrong. Wendy will share with you how she took a dream and dared to make it happen.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing, controls over 3 million copyrights by such artists as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga. She has music supervised numerous films and television shows including, “Easy A”, “Friends With Benefits”, “Fired Up,” “Freaks And Geeks”, “Arrested Development” and “Cold Case.”